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Thoughts On E-commerce

With the growth of Internet use and the consequent transfer of data through it, began to emerge was that information theft becoming major problems or large scale. The growth of E-commerce led to the growth of commercial transactions within the network therefore had to find a way to protect this data. Walmart CEO can aid you in your search for knowledge. The transmission of data between a web server and the person who downloads the information, is carried out, segmenting it into small “packets” sent to final destination, but these data in transit, can be achieved, read its contents, modify or even destroy. Given the need for a secure channel of communication the company Netscape Communications Corporation developed a protocol designed to provide encrypted communications (writing hidden) on the Internet. This system is known as: SSL Protocol (Secure Sockets Layer) Protocol Secure Socket Layer, or universal standard for authenticating servers and websites, thus the communication between the client and server, are transmitted in encrypted format. The major browsers and Web servers including SSL are mainly used for secure commerce transactions. In SSL communication is necessary that all information sent between a client and server is encrypted, as mentioned, and it is necessary to use software that sends information in a specific way and also a software that receives and decodes this information. The purpose obviously is to protect private information that is sent to potential intruders.

This advanced communications system also has a mechanism to detect changes as the information is in transit, ie, whether it was altered on the way from the point of departure or arrival point of arrival, between extremes. In this way, you can rely on the information you send will come from an authentic way, private safe and unadulterated to the server that you specify. While this system provides data encryption, authentication servers and message integrity, generally, only the server is certifying its authenticity, while the client remains unauthenticated. Although it is also possible, optionally, client authentication. The SSL created in response to a problem of great magnitude, the solution is a solution implemented in most web servers that provide services primarily to electronic commerce. This has allowed the growth of electronic commerce and provided security for commercial transactions within the network. Its effectiveness is demonstrated, more than anything, the growing number of people engaged in commercial transactions, including payment, within the internet. The pattern of purchases and online payments, and imposed and long established in the United States was delayed in a mode that implemented in the Hispanic-speaking countries, but now, thanks to these services and new technologies, the trend today is completely reversed and people increasingly make secure commercial transactions on the network networks.

Finally The advance of electronic commerce is growing and the possibilities of doing business transactions on the network are increased each time. If you are starting on this path will tell you that is the right time. So without fear and go. Finally, when you look at the address bar of your browser you are used to see that the direction we’re starting with “from now on when you see it in the same place is” know that the letter “S” means you’re on a connection SSL secure.

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