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Rosa Millones

Semi unconscious, felt as I pulled, it was impossible to breathe, pain and pressure me killed. You can not! -repeated because at the time of falling unconscious I got to hear that they said leave it already died.! Then I knew that Napoleon Saldaria of a milestone with the butt of his truck managed to break the Union of my chest and that saved me, I was thrown in a truck, and with my family we started begging attention medical. First aid woke up with difficulty, with much pain and saw how a chorus of women dressed in white is aceraban to us and looked at us is Heaven! -exclaimed-, they are angels! I thought-, but by tilting my body I discovered to my family hard and covered with blood and Earth and started calling where is God?, call God! -quena out him my misfortune, – now Lord, they have already gone to notify the director, I was in heaven, but in the hospital in Chepen, director such a Montero Borseyu refused to hear us, to find striking. Took us to Guadalupe, nor had doctors, so I started to direct first aid techniques and nurses: mannitol, sodium chloride, sosegon, was most widely used. The pain was unbearable, then I knew that in those moments it was with mangled broken spleen, liver, and pancreas, with tears in the left diaphragm, bruising in the mesentery, omentum with bowel perforation tearing, bleeding and comminuted fracture of the left femur and the right Metacarpus. Transfer to Chiclayo I woke up potholes, was one ambulance to my left side was my Karinita just moaning I caressed him, he spoke and she did not respond me, between my legs had put my already inert Natalie, is asleep right? -asked-. The nurse Rosa Millones, who was riding in the ambulance with us trying to comfort me, the minutes were centuries, felt die, he desfalleciera him required that apply me sosegon and increase the trickle to stream, then screaming want to die! Let me die!, it seemed to me a nightmare which wanted to awaken, would already be two in the morning when front factory La Concordia, (in Chiclayo), I felt quite cold, then anguish and finally afraid, very afraid, everything blurred is the end thought – Dr.! Dr. . Contact information is here: olympics.

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