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Mannering Medicine

It takes care with the guilt, therefore it is an extremely limiter feeling. Either responsible and not guilty. One remembers: Resulted errors do not only exist. They can be satisfactory (I happened as I desired) or unsatisfactory (she did not happen as I desired). Who opens hand of the control of its life, hardly will arrive where desires. Each time that we pass for definitive situations, Espiritus that it means – life blow. Then an excellent form to renew the life that exists in us, is to breathe, to breathe deeply.

You remember that tip that we grow hearing: When something bad to happen, breathes deep and counts up to 10. Studying the human behavior has many years, to the times still is surprised at the popular wisdom. When we look for to observe with caution what it happened, to breathe deep is basic. When we make this, we improve the oxygenation of the brain. Automatically we become in them more apt to perceive what it happened.

I also contribute for the change of my physical sensations, by means of the movement of my body and better will be prepared to observe with more clarity. A great philosopher of the first century after Christ, called EPCTETO, in he offers a valuable concept to them, that today we use very in the Mannering Medicine: You can say to me Dr. J thus you do not know who you are this philosopher. To the times the people cite names that I never heard to speak. This also happens with me of time in when, and then I have that to go in an encyclopedia on-line, to look for to know who it is. I am assuming a commitment with you, each time that I to cite somebody go to speak a bit on it. For example, you remember the film Gladiador.

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