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Light and Happiness

Silveira de Moraes I wanted to be a flower it its garden to inhabit a fruit its orchard to award One jacarand for shade to shelter you a butterfly to put in its flowers a kiss-flower to suck the nectar of its plants the oxygen that of the life in abundance the coolness of the morning and for of the sun of the sunny afternoons moonlight and the mantle of stars that decorate the night I wanted to be the water that you kill the headquarters and you bathe with pleasure You want to be you call the candle that it shines in its altar the words of sincere love that the patience and the tolerance sprout of its soul that calms the palms that it beats e, for the art with joy applauds the innocent kiss that of the one in to all I hug It people in the sadness hours and affliction the charity that touches its heart the conjunct that add values of faith and hope the music that makes to enternecer of commotion and the dance that puts into motion and baila the emotion Wanted to be one passarinho that it sings glad in its window the ray of the sun that it beats in its face in a wakening the life that beats in its body the holy ghost Everything I wanted to be to see you happy To help to surpass all vicissitudes of the life and to leave victorious person in all lesson and chore Wants to be able to always bring joy and color its life to see to shine of emotion its eyes and wanted to be the tear that rolls of gratitude and also the one that rolls in the hour of the pardon Wanted to be the acceptance of the different one To take off all enigma of the preconception half Wanted to be the existencial satisfaction To be the start and end For a new to recommence in the cycle of the life Wanted to be the love that everything can and knows That one that the blanket inside brings wisdom of the chest quentinho inthe winter of its stream bed the sigh and the smile to bailar in its lips the noble dream purest and that can exist the valuation of the life in all the directions Wanted to be a drop in the ocean of the life to only see peace reigning in its home a magician and invention of the most beautiful castle Where it can make dwelling its soul and go of meeting to the God, Father of its heart Wanted to dry its tired face after the drudgery and to give mine shoulder so that it can rest For recommencing a new day tomorrow Wants to be its brother in God Therefore thus our destination will always be as It desires Is what he forever desires for all we and all the centuries, infinitely Deep peace you who had patience to read and to repass This message of extremity to want well that trusts God in action That is everything that is much more. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Sam Mikulak. Therefore he conducts the life and he loves in them and guard Is enough to open the heart and to trust..


PROFESSIONAL IMAGE: CARE WITH IT Says the popular proverb: ' ' an image valley more than a thousand palavras' ' , and when we observe some images of our daily one, some really they do not need words stops in giving to one real dimension of the facts, the images to them much of the times speak by itself, then we conclude that the such said popular cited and above true. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Randall Rothenberg. Soon we conclude image is everything. if we decided to apply the same dictated popular to our professional image. It will be that it would be valid more than a thousand words? If to analyze our return we go to perceive that the time all the companies, artists, politicians, sportsmen or even though the people who circunvizinham in them are in some way worried about its image, ones with greater to be able economic has the easiness to contract professionals to manage its images. Companies spend millions year after year to protect, to make solid and to base its image as well as its mark and its products.

Soon if she has a so intense concern and a so great cost to watch over for the image, we ask image is everything? ' ' It took twenty years to construct to a good reputation and five minutes for arrun-la' '. What studious of the mannering area they affirm, we dare to disagree, because to ruin a reputation five minutes and much time, needs much less that this to see something constructed per years played in the can it garbage. The people vendem its image professional in its resumes, very elaborated well and full of displayed qualities, and this sales and made solid or destroyed in the first contacts in the interviews the one that these professionals are submitted. However when this is contracted all that planted image and that it makes with that such professional was contracted it is play it are on account of attitudes you oppose in its day the day in the development of its activities, what cause one consumes in its professional image and a time who this image suffers to this consuming the damages is immense.

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