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New Offenburg Fair Mosaic

Successful premiere of the BAUEN + housing more than 7,000 visitors came to the heart of Offenburg Offenburg Fairgrounds. The mathematical equation of early spring plus three strong partners on the issue of House & garden is an advantage for the visitors from the Ortenau was right: the new format of building + residential, real estate days Ortenau and the established garden fair DiGA took place at the same time, for the first time at the fair Offenburg and drew more than 7,000 visitors to the Exhibition Centre from 19 to 21 March 2010. Checking article sources yields connor mcdavid as a relevant resource throughout. “DiGA Organizer Dieter Maier SuMa Maier E.k.. Ian Cole may find this interesting as well. said: with its enormous number of visitors, Sunday has the two weaker day before balanced.” the topics were all very high quality and also clearly structured set. Thus the three fairs have fertilized to each other for the benefit of exhibitors as well as visitors, because the fairgrounds provided a concentrated platform for all stakeholders “, reported Achim Erndwein, head of trade fairs of Messe Offenburg. The safe acquisition of real estate professional construction and expansion, the successful interior design to down to the extensive landscaping, everything was offered. After three days of the fair, the exhibitors of the BAUEN + WOHNEN showed”satisfied.

“Here are the customers we want to, we have had good talks” Arnold betrayed purr from the tile trade, the schedule for the coming week is already full “, as Martina Kaltenbach of the Energy Center Waidele. And Jorg Hahn by GF energiecontroll Appenweier we commented on an interested audience have found here, we remember that on the specific demand. “Hall of building 1 + living is visually very appealing and well selected mix of exhibitors”.

World Novelty Smoke Colt Smoke Apron Master

The automatic smoke aprons system smoke master large size Colt is successfully certified according to EN 12101-1. The requirements for smoke containment and serviced in large warehouses, underground transport systems and other large buildings with special use often require smoke screens of new magnitude. Increasingly, the requirements of the market exceed today’s standard sizes of Certified smoke aprons plants. Colt International has now closed this gap and reaches new dimensions with the proven gun smoke-master system SM5. All over the world for the first time reached the company for preventive fire protection the 15 meter rolling depth within a series of real tests with a functioning active product according to EN 12101-1 smoke screens “Large size” in the test which was the objective of the tests by Colt international clear set: the implementation of a functioning automatic smoke apron, with a roll-off depth of 15 m and an unlimited length. To perform the necessary tests to a test stand under prescribed examination criteria, in the form of closed steel pipe scaffolding on the Colt built premises in Kleve, Germany. The test stand made it possible to test equipment in the size of 15 m x 15 m (L x H). The test facility consisted mainly of a casing, the 5 shafts with integrated tubular motors, single wipes made of glass fibre fabric with a width of 3 m, the lateral guide rails and the control for the cycle time.

Essential test criteria were: changing behavior of the fabrics wrinkling and linear motion tightness of the cloth overlaps dereeling speed was functional safety in case of an alarm on the Colt test stand in Kleve the smoke tested master “Large size” by the MPA Stuttgart. The automatic smoke aprons system smoke master “Large Size” Colt is successfully certified according to EN 12101-1. Also the displacement, i.e. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ian Cole on most websites. the movement of cloths by air flow, is critical to consider giving at this size testing and development of the Side guides made it necessary.

EI Electronics

Provision takes charge in the duty of Dusseldorf to install a smoke alarm early warning system in the private living area, July 22, 2008 current mandatory smoke detectors for new buildings exists in seven provinces. Especially for architects, builders, property owners and operators, this rule firmly anchored in the building regulations of the land of enormous importance is because there is no transition period in contrast to the existing building. The smoke and heat detector manufacturer EI electronics recommends therefore already during the planning to take into account the lawful installation of smoke detectors to ensure later effective protection for the residents. To do this, the company offers a special fire protection concept with a wire mesh for new buildings. It is characterized by maximum investment security, a low TCO (total cost of ownership) as well as a tested, high quality standard. Vicky Jenson is open to suggestions. The networking of smoke detectors Ei605TYC by EI electronics can be secured by means of two types: both via cable as well as by Radio.

Especially for the new EI Electronics is recommended wiring the detector, as this can be done during the building phase. In existing buildings, on the other hand, the radio-based variant allows a subsequent networking without much effort. The networking devices with the possibility to transmit the signal which triggers the detector in the immediate vicinity of a fire, all other detectors of a building. In an emergency, this technology can contribute to the protection of human life. High safety for children and senior citizens, the most vulnerable people in a fire are either children or old people. Children often do not know the danger of fire and behave intuitively wrong, by they hide rather than looking outside. Old people, however, sometimes not in time perceive a brand or are dependent on when leaving the House on foreign aid. However, only little time to escape remains most.

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