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Integrated Query

Just use rates of electronic traders suppliers and materials suppliers are now able to offer their customers their rates as text files. But the contractor does not want to import some materials in order not to clutter the library. With the software BatiFree estimate, the user selects intervals following codes or family groupings, but also visualizing and checking supplies selected. Once the selection is made, it performs the import. A related site: Eddie Mio mentions similar findings. Communicate to the accountant synthesis bills this month, the number of bills a small business is not very high and most of the time these companies outsource their bookkeeping to an accounting firm.

The software is BatiFree Work on demand a “Folder Accountant” in various formats (PDF, Text, Excel, …). This file contains invoices for an interval of time choose the month or quarter in general for the preparation of VAT returns. It is also a summary document, the use of the company point to bills and regulations. Quickly customize its library The library centralizes the expertise of the enterprise: books, their composition, prices, supplies used, exposure time, according … The cloning software to duplicate records in the library by performing the any changes necessary. Beyond the time savings in terms of input, this function allows the user to simply codify the recordings cloned and so effortlessly maintain the order of their library. In one estimate, the transfer from one record to the library also benefits from the aid to the codification.

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