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Need To Assess The Land In The Cities

Formation of a market economy in Belarus requires in-depth development of several new areas of science and practice. The process of corporatization of the Belarusian enterprises, the emergence of the stock market, the development of the insurance system, the transition commercial banks to issue mortgage loans creates the need for a new service – the valuation of the company. Land as a place of business, property is the foundation of all processes of life in society with place in the political, socio-economic, industrial, municipal and other areas. In this regard, it has a value and an adequate assessment of land is one of the main conditions for the normal functioning and a prosperous economy and society. The need for a reliable assessment of the results of adequate land experience as state and municipal executive authorities in the management of land resources and private persons in the commission of various kinds of land transactions, for purposes of determining the most efficient and profitable development of a region or a particular piece of land. With the development of market relations in the modern Belarus land is becoming a commodity, that is the object of economic exchange, and like any good land should be consumer and market value. The land market in view of its poverty and the huge unmet demand of the population and legal entities has great prospects for development and transition to a whole new level of relations between its subjects. The speed of its development is largely depend on improving the legal framework and mechanism for land ownership.

Osnovopologayuschey goal of public policy related to land and property is to ensure the most favorable conditions for effective use and development of real estate to meet the needs of society and citizens. Land in the Republic of Belarus as a natural resource, property and the means of production to be cost evaluation. In the transition to a market economy, a separate valuation of the land itself becomes especially necessary, as this approach to the assessment of real estate makes it relatively less expensive and time: facilitate the process of market pricing; ensure more quickly return the budget of municipalities to carry out their landscaping and public improvement; objectively assess actual damages, lost profits or other compensation in cases stipulated by law; establish stakeholders bargain prices, including rent, the amount of mortgage lending, etc. Evaluation – is the estimated price or expert real estate, or any rem interest in her, pursued by an authorized person, expert analysis property and its assessment. Assessment process – strictly triage procedures used to obtain reliable and accurate assessment. Must strictly comply with the technology assessment of the property, which includes several successive stages: defining the purpose and function of evaluation, plan development site assessment, identification of the best and most effective way to use the object, collecting and analyzing information. Accuracy estimate also depends on the adequacy of evaluation methods and their validity.

Real Estate Services

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