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Modern states are developed, civilized capitalism are quite strong institutions of social protection of poor people, institutions, and redistribute income from high-citizens in favor of low-income and thus reduce their activity level of exploitation and social tensions. Exploitation of men by women in the natural division of labor between them, determined the unequal contribution of labor between men and women in the production of basic subsistence goods, carried out by authorities in the form of the authority of the mother, which promotes and supports the (forming) the corresponding relationship and thus provides a corresponding attachment to it equal to all his children ravnoobespechivayuschee distribution of vital goods. The destruction of this form of exploitation could not happen otherwise, as only through awareness of the fact that men of their operation, awareness of methods of struggle for the abolition of exploitation, as well as awareness of the (opening) a more equitable form of distribution of wealth – the distribution of labor. Awareness is by opening all of the knowledge of their individual consciousness and the proliferation of men's teams, where there are their leaders, promoting new relations of production, which of course, could not develop in the old dialectical form – the authority of the mother. In this connection, starts a power struggle that gave rise to such practices as separate settlement between men and women, male and female secret unions, secret languages (2). Men with a big advantage – the production of basic goods of life, gaining authority in the tribe.

New Zealand

Lucky said that people in the process of evolution has adapted to a certain level of radiation, as well as to other features environment, and its lack can negatively influence health, as well as lack of certain substances such as vitamins and minerals. In the first half of the twentieth century, when the phenomenon of radioactivity was only discovered, physicians experimented with different types of radioactive materials. Then, irradiation, although it was obvious danger, was seen as a panacea for many diseases – from arthritis to tuberculosis. Scientists had hoped that the use of small doses of radiation will be re-introduced into medical practice. He proposes to use for medical purposes, small samples of specially prepared radioactive waste from nuclear reactors. What think about you? Discussion of this topic is already underway on () – join us! New Zealand intends to become the first country in the world to cease emissions of greenhouse gases by 2025 New Zealand intends to to become the first country in the world that has completely stopped emissions of harmful greenhouse gases that impact on Earth's climate.

According to Prime Minister Helen Clark, 'opposition global warming is a priority policy of the island state, and the problem itself is regarded as the salvation of all mankind. " 'It is clear that if the world will not solve it completely, then the next generation little was left of our planet '- she said. According to experts, in recent years in New Zealand is actively developing a network of geothermal power plants, not emitting carbon into the air, but it is not the only way to cleaner electricity. For more information see this site: Dr. James Canton . Because a large number of rivers and waterfalls in the country – is also a promising source of energy. Red date calendar: World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought on 17 June on the planet celebrated the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought. This date was proclaimed in 1995 in connection with the anniversary of the June 17, 1994 United Nations Convention to Combat desertification.

All countries are encouraged to dedicate this day increase in the amount of information about the need for international cooperation in combating drought and desertification. According to the UN Programme on environment, under threat of desertification is the fourth part of the land on Earth is directly related to more than two hundred and fifty million people. Left without livelihoods are more billion people over than a hundred countries, because it reduces the productivity of arable land and pastures. Convention to Combat Desertification is devoted to solving this problem. It is signed by 186 countries and is the basis for all activities to combat desertification. The most important consideration in its emphasis on improving soil fertility and soil remediation, in addition, issues of conservation and wise use of land and water resources. Familiar with full version of the article and discuss it can be found here: c

Released Weekly Environmental Newsletters EcoportalRu

Life is a review article ‘green': bamboo, eco-friendly laptop car early spring complicating the flood situation in Russia. Baikal Baikal without PPM. Global warming is inevitable. ‘Green’ advocate pups. For assistance, try visiting Euro Pacific Capital. CeBIT exhibition held in ‘green’ tint. Eco-friendly vehicles is growing.

Review of the week from 03.03.2008 to 09.03.2008. A short overview of the major environmental news for the week. Sochi residents voted for Olympic logo 2014: won the dolphin to ski in Sochi inhabitants on Sunday chose not only to the Russian president: to all who came to the polls to vote for the proposed symbol of the future Olympics in 2014. Candidates ‘Olympic’ bulletin was the same as in the president’s – four: dolphin on skis, Snowflake, Santa Claus and a polar bear. —- Scientists do not exclude man-made entry of avian influenza in Russia Scholars excludes man-made entry of avian influenza in Russia. This is today’s press conference, said the director of the Institute of Virology. Ivanovsky RAMS Dmitry Lvov.

Avian influenza strain that circulated in 2007 in Moscow, he said, may have been brought to the man-made bird market in the North Caucasus. —- State Duma Committee endorsed the Convention on Tobacco Control State Duma Committee on Health has decided to recommend lower house to approve the instrument of ratification “of the Russian Federation on the accession to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control ‘. —- 80 million years ago, the oceans were 170 meters higher than the Australian scientists have come to the conclusion that about 80 million years ago – at a time when the planet was dominated by dinosaurs, sea level was once at 170 meters above today’s rates. —- The full texts of these and other news can be found on ECOportal.

Astronomers Discover Fountain Stardust

But now, New York (York) and a group of employees watching the system, which is a double star, HD 44179, which can be a source of dust. This discovery has wide-ranging implications, because the dust is critical subject in scientific theories related to the formation of stars. Binary star system is located within what astronomers call a red square nebula, which is filled with gas and dust and is approximately at a distance of 2.300 light years from Earth. One of the binary star is a post – a branch of the asymptotic giant star (post-AGB), the type of star that astronomers see as a possible source of dust. Creighton Wright will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Those stars, in contrast to the Sun, have already burned all the hydrogen in their cores and switched to the stage of compression, burning more fuel, helium.

During the transitional period between the processes of combustion of hydrogen and helium, which last tens of thousands of years, these stars lose their outer layer of the atmosphere. Dust may be formed in the cooling layer, which due to radiation pressure coming from inside the star, the dust is thrown together with a decent portion of the gas. In binary star systems, disk material from the post-AGB stars can form around the second star, which is smaller and developed more slowly..

Armand Armenian

PRESTIGE: – Armand as having Armenian letters? Arman Revazian: – I will be neither the first nor the last to refute the opinion of academics that the alphabet to Mashtots Armenian people have been deprived of pleasure to have their own alphabet. Get more background information with materials from Euro Pacific Capital. Today, gathered as many facts that continue to talk about it just besmyslenno. The Armenian alphabet, as well as a list of numbers and existed long before Mashtots and continue to deny it means for some specific reasons, simply do not want to see the obvious. Literature on this topic abound. The situation is different, the difference in approaches as to what are this script ..

I am personally convinced that the pre-Christian Armenian the alphabet was the fact that the Aramaic alphabet is called … Moreover, the same Aramaic alphabet indicate their affiliation with the Armenian language and, moreover, there is a strict system for constructing sentences that I call system 32, for the simple reason that any number of contextual drafted from 4 to 8 rows of consonants in each. Without knowledge of the system can not properly read the inscription written by none “Aramaic” in the alphabet Armenian territory. P.: – In the formative stages of American English an ignorant American, changed the word for the digit 4, and then came over, which resulted in many names were written in abbreviated form. In ancient times there was no general figures 3, 6, 9, were obtained only by multiplying the numbers 5 and 10, and in Egypt, the numbers are replaced by .

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