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Higher Long Term Stability And Moisture Resistance

Piezoresistive ceramic pressure sensors the new pressure sensor generation benefits measurement and calculation tools on one the results of modern but also by significant advances in printing technology and improved algorithms for laser trimming. In this way, the quality of the pressure sensors is significantly improved. The revised layout of the matching network for the offset and TK matching not generally usual resistances by more or less long analog cuts. Instead, the network consists of a digital part which are activated by separating trace fixed resistors of the bridge. Only a small proportion of the bridge rest is compensated by a short analog trim cut.

This has the consequence that the network consists after the laser trimming from ungetrimmten – so very stable resistors, and only to a very small proportion of a cut resistance. In this way, the number of micro-cracks that spread out over the course of time and thus instability will lead can, significantly reduced. Possible changes of resistance thus significantly weaker affect the stability of the sensor. In General, thick structures against moisture must be protected. The materials used in the screen printing technique (AG, AU, AgPd) tend in existing water film and voltage potential partially migration. If so water flows on the structures (E.g. in case of condensation), so high-resistance shunts between the conductors can arise.

Because such circuits usually massively upset the measuring bridge, zero shifts are the inevitable result. To significantly improve the moisture protection of the sensors, a double-layer protective layer is applied. This consists of a largely dense glass and an additional layer of polymer. A kind of sealing the glass layer can be achieved by treatment of the glass layer before applying the polymer layer. The diffusion barrier against moisture achieved is therefore much higher than the sum of the blocking effects of the two single layers. In Combination with a lead-free no-clean solder are to observe EN 60068-2-30 only negligible changes after a damp heat test according to DIN.Extensive investigations and measurements were necessary in order to determine a suitable glass plummet and the corresponding optimal Fugeparameter. In addition to choosing the right glass plummet and an optimised temperature profile during the fusing, also the stress distribution on the joining area of the curve characteristics responsible linearity and hysteresis. Finite element calculations made it possible to optimize the geometry of the body in this area.It is the sum of all the measures described, as well as the extensive printing experience of Metallux’s employees, that the quality of new pressure sensor generation could be considerably improved. The small zero signal changes underline this tests at 125 C during des1000 hours impressively. The ceramic pressure sensors with front-flush diaphragm pressure generation is suitable especially for use in Braking systems, printing machines, forklift trucks. In the pneumatics and hydraulics. Electronic pressure switches and pressure transmitters, as well as in the food industry and in the pharmaceutical industry. Because a high long term stability and moisture resistance is in this area especially desired and expected.

Bott Takes DeWALT Equipment Safely To Use

ToughSystem-boxes and trolley compatible with bott vario the new ToughSystem by DeWALT, consisting of boxes for tools and accessories, as well as a heavy duty trolley and electric tools are standard equipment in many assembling vehicles and when craftsmen are often regarded as used. Certainly DeWALT products come to her site now in conjunction with the vehicle establishment of bott. As in boxing and trolley as well as machine case unsecured posing a high risk potential, quickly and safely stowed. Bott vario features self-locking, which previously time consuming backup usually entirely overhead. Non-slip recording of conveyances, such as ToughSystem-boxes by DeWALT, is for this example.

Partition walls and mats prevent slipping of the charge, even if a space is not completely filled is. New mounts for service case allow their positioning directly in the area of vehicle doors. So is the standard hand baggage”Agile without entering the vehicle his safe ride. Case of electric tools have their place between shelf sides and are fixed with only one handle by means of a clamping lever. So that transport goods or even the ToughSystem trolley DEWALT everywhere can be lashed in the vehicle, bott provides vario mounting points for tensioning straps.

This track included not only in the floor, the roof and the side walls of the vehicle. Sides and fronts of the vehicle establishment, bott vario has numerous recordings for belts with which even bulky devices, we quickly can be fixed cross-cut saws or stands for laser show bone. About Bott GmbH & co. KG the Bott group of companies is one of internationally leading providers of vehicle and equipment for commercial use. Products and solutions with the highest product and service quality standards are developed and produced at several European locations. Bott, customers in industry and craft, worldwide use these services on a global organized distribution network. Synergies are bundled at the location Germany, the headquarters of the Group of companies. Here, the feedback from all the markets converge and lead to a continuous innovation strategy. Efficiency and security of the customers are in the focus.

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