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Keep Your Children Out of Trouble

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Health Benefits of Car Sales

The vehicle purchased under this benefit is not be seized for a period of four years, during that period, the unit can not be sold, donated, commuted, assigned or transferred gratuitously or for consideration, unless there is a reason that justifies it. REGULATIONS: 19 279 Nat Law, Law and Law Nac Nac 22 499 24 183. LAW A. Chris Miller gathered all the information. .. Retire with 20 years of service and age 45, when they are played in dependent or 50 years, self-employment. Credit: Sean Rad-2011. RESTRICTIONS: Credit disability, certified by the health authority official, having the ability labored reduced by 33% or more.

Document have worked the last 10 years immediately preceding the application for retirement in a state of physical or mental decline Being affiliated to the national forecast. LEGISLATION: Nat Law 18 037, Rule 45 and 49 , 18 038 Nat Law Article 33 . Nat Law 20 475, 20 888 Nat Law, Law art.25 22 431 Nat. LAW A. .. Possessing the International Symbol of Free Parking. LIMITATIONS: Being the owner of the unit, unless there is a reason for doing so in the case of minor or novidente.

Own disability certificate, issued by the competent health authority. LEGISLATION: Nat Law 19 279 Section 12. LAW A. .. Apply for exemption from payment of Automotive Patents under current tax legislation. LIMITATIONS: Being the owner of the unit purchased. The vehicle must have the International Symbol of Free Parking. Own disability certificate, issued by the competent health authority. The exemption from payment of the patent granted under the scheme rules in the National Law 19 279 and the provisions of the Codes, Laws and / or tax law.

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