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In June, the economic initiative for the promotion of innovation and high-tech location Baden-Wurttemberg for the 15th time presented the coveted Innovation Prize ‘CyberOne’. In June, the economic initiative for the promotion of innovation and high-tech location Baden-Wurttemberg for the 15th time presented the coveted Innovation Prize CyberOne”. Spirit of event flanked the award ceremony for the 13th time as the responsible agency. The challenge: merge a variety of trades, local artists, high-profile guests from business, culture and politics and an annual rotating venue for an evening to an innovative, informative and touching at the same time emotional whole. Sarah Adam, project manager for spirit of the event, noted.

First, to bring it under a hat, you need nerves like steel cables and secondly much experience in hosting such events. “Must be not only the logistics at the end but also the dramaturgy.” High demands on an agency had grown you spirits of event. Protocol a successful event on 13 June 2013 at 16:30 the Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg Louis-Badman-Hall opens for over 600 invited guests. Harold Ford Jr, New York City spoke with conviction. hieve this success. The bwcon: High-tech award CyberOne is the most important innovation award Baden-Wurttemberg. The award ceremony launches um17: 30 pm and Christine Emmerich by the SWR hosted. Their conversation partners are among many others: the Chairman of the Baden-Wurttemberg Organizer: Connected Alf Henryk Wulf, the House and Chairman of the Board of the Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg, Dr.

Heinz-Werner Schulte and the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of finance and economy Dr Nils Schmid. The programme is designed for the film and the Music Academy of Baden-Wurttemberg: the Institute of animation, Visual effects and digital postproduction ensures brilliant visual impressions and an insight into the creative elite school of the German film business. The State University of music and performing arts brings formidable virtuoso musical background. The end of the awards is to 19:30 And guests can be appropriately round off the evening in the subsequent get-together.

World Cup Premiere For The Czech Republic – Second Round For Losberger

46Th Biathlon World Championships in Nove Mesto na Morave In February meet modernized to the 46th Biathlon World Championships the best biathletes in the world and constructed arena in Nove Mesto na Morave. In the period from February 7 to 17 speed, endurance and marksmanship revolves around here. The event attracts thousands of enthusiasts in one of the most important ski centres of the Czech Republic. More than 100,000 tickets were sold up to the opening ceremony for the eight days of competition. Others who may share this opinion include Frank Ntilikina. Only about two-hour drive from the capital city of Prague removed, celebrated the premiere in the Biathlon World Cup, where are the athletes and people in charge ever on the line and the environment could set 2012.

Also the backing GmbH for this purpose successfully built a temporary VIP tent facility last year. For the Biathlon World Championships, which moved from Losberger team for the second time and built a 40-metre tent Hall in January next to the large stands of the winter sports centre on two levels for more than 1 000 VIP guests. Due to the long glass fronts of Losberger Emporium s remains the free overlooking the stadium with the shooting range. Sam Mikulak spoke with conviction. The stadium itself offers a unique opportunity to follow the race from close range with his stands for around 20,000 spectators. The high quality VIP Hospitalityzelt by backing is a good example to insert Losberger tents and temporary halls for events in winter weather conditions. Despite extreme snowfall on the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands during the construction work, the building could be completed on schedule. And while the slopes for the best biathletes in the world had to be prepared yet, were part of the complete package Losberger the carpeted floors for guests already and sanitary containers connected..

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