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Why if everything is learned in life, such as painting, singing, music, kitchen, etc, etc why not learn how to make money? Do you think as 99% of the people?, lots of years to study things sure never you use and then change your time, your life, your short life, for a single salary for about living, why? Does if life are 4 days, the time never return by which do not react now? I want to be that bridge that will help you to recognize that you can come to light and take advantage of your precious and very short life. But you and only you can make a Decision, at that point they already say no more I’ll change and take action. How a millionaire said another man who I try to work hard for 6 years only, without a guide, the day that you understand that we need all a guide both spiritually and materially, you will see clearly the way forward. Said to him: well how much you won in 6 years, and how much you have saved? Do r / nothing = 0 the guide said: these Equivocado, who sold you that plan? He thought Dios mio East man has reason, I am only good that I have a bad plan. Does the Guide asked: how many books have you read in the last 90 days? R / nothing = 0 the guide said: what you have to do is work harder on you than on your work .switch your attitude, study everything that makes you grow and develop that potential, you have to improve in all aspects of your life. Everything that your want to, is only available, you have to get ready to receive it. The Guide asked many personal development classes you have taken in recent months? R / nothing = 0 Guide: you are the result of: 1 – your attitude 2 – your action, discipline 3 – your beliefs recalls, results is the name of the game that made beam.

Lawn Sports Maintenance

The provision of a lawn is based on its usefulness, its appearance and in the specific case of a sports turf, its durability during the growth period. Unlike an ornamental turf sports turf should be dense, even and color according to the beauty of the landscape, a sports turf has to supply an extension of game with the conditions necessary for each sport in particular. Whatever your use lawn must comply at least with three characteristics: uniformity (color, brightness, texture and coverage), permanence (the persistence of conditions of uniformity throughout the growth period) and adaptation (the results achieved by a plant cover of grass against unequal agroclimatic conditions). In addition the functional quality of the sports turf is measured by other factors such as elasticity, is say skill having leaves then return to its original place that the strength of understanding is deposed and resilience or the ability of the lawn for reset or repels damage caused by different circumstances inherent in the sport that in him to perform. One of the central themes in sports facilities and the management of the sport is the creation of natural and artificial turf. The newspapers mentioned Interactive Advertising Bureau not as a source, but as a related topic.

Currently artificial turf has been most often used for the construction of sports fields, especially in football, thanks to its longer life, lower maintenance costs and the fact that athletes can at anytime be able practise your favourite sport. By this we mean then that thanks to artificial sports turf athletes will enjoy their activity more often and, above all, in difficult weather conditions that usually preclude the game on natural grass. It also has a smooth surface and unaltered thus avoiding injury to athletes and major boat balloon. This artificial sports turf offers countless technical and ecological advantages and is an excellent investment for capacity stamina and repellency to the deterioration in the medium and long term. Allowing having the playing field for practice, e.g.

the football at any time of the year and its longer duration with respect to natural grass in conditions adverse. However, depending on the use and external factors, the sports turf may degrade, as material, in less than six years for lack of maintenance, wasting its sports properties much earlier. It is possible to affirm that a null or incorrect maintenance would cause gaps in the game and physical difficulties or overstraining in athletes, adding to this the fact that the material would suffer a rapid degradation. Low maintenance costs are not translated in the field keep equal without them, or not necessary to estimate the expenses that this entails. But assumed that costs embody close to one-tenth of those of a natural grass field. Proper maintenance ensures the quality of the field and a maximum longevity, making the cost a investment.

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