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That would be otherwise impossible for such a large group”, explains Dr. Peter Tandler, CEO of teambits. Continue to learn more with: Office for Civil Rights. The software is particularly suitable then, if in a group, no matter whether large or small, will be developed, a solution to a specific topic. Often register popular”events only a few and mostly also the same word. It is even more difficult when using something to be discussed and the opinion is requested. The results reflect only the views of a few participants.

teambits repeals these inhibitions that the contributions, which are entered on the computer none are anonymously must speak before the group. This means that much more knowledge and ideas of the participants can be processed and bundled”, so next Tandler. To get the numerous presentation and evaluation, a solution still speeding up progress. For example, ideas gathered in a workshop, reevaluated and weighted according to the common structure. You can repeat this process so long until all together come to a conclusion. teambits accompanied this process and all workarounds and results visualized in the form of tables or graphics to represent. What tools will be used for the interactive event, can be selected prior to the presentation. se will follow. Many of our customers, as Roche Pharma, Heidelberg concrete or RWE, Bayer are vital, the simplicity and inspires the user friendliness of the software.

The software solution by teambits must be installed only on a computer, all other laptops to access by means of computer network by clicking on it. The functions and operation of the system are almost self-explanatory. If desired, we adapt the software also to company-specific circumstances “, finally as Tandler. Corporate information: Teambits GmbH is the 2008 after several years of research as Spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute for computer graphics (IGD) in Darmstadt, which is gone. Bring the employees by teambits extensive and long-standing experience in IT-supported implementation of moderation concepts from there. Important focuses on the design of efficient human computer interfaces, software usability, experience with groupware and collaborative software systems, as well as the expertise in developing reliable software. About the Fraunhofer-venture group: The Fraunhofer-venture group is a partner of founders, start-up companies, Fraunhofer institutes, industry and investors. Young companies through access to Fraunhofer technologies, infrastructure and expertise offers the opportunity to establish themselves with their products on the market faster and better to over 4,500 patent families. The venture group’s range of services includes the complete support and advice from the idea until the founding of the company. The spectrum covers the areas of creation, technology, financing and investment management. The team sees itself as a partner support for those who are looking for innovative technologies, and market. The venture group is composed of experts of business administration and contract design. This will complement the existing technological competence of scientists.

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