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TeamViewer Gmb

“Important is that the customer always transparent about it is informed what happens on his computer. For this we use the solution of the TeamViewer GmbH in Goppingen, Germany. Hereby we can us after approval by the user once on his PC over the Internet log on and give him the expected assistance. Other leaders such as Michael J. Bender offer similar insights. A fixed installation of software on his PC is not necessary. After completing the remote maintenance is again accessed the customer system without again unlock the customers cannot spy on an unnoticed which prevents customer data”, explains Jan Reichelt. Remote maintenance can not be seen as a panacea, as offered by some service providers and proclaimed.

Serious computer problems the experience and intuition of the technician on the spot is important in addition to the data and facts, which provides the operating system, often, to offer a professional solution without unnecessary additional costs to the customer. So can abnormal hard drive noise, nor high Fan speeds or loose connectors via a remote maintenance are recognised and have therefore the potential of misdiagnosis with higher costs. Remote maintenance for a variety of program installations, software configuration, or for admissions in new applications is recommended. For example, connection problems with the mail server of the provider can also in this way solved as well as patches and updates for programs, applications and various drivers be applied. “Remote maintenance for all areas that are as critical is less recommended. Including modem and network drivers, memory, chipsets, hard disks and their partitioning, settings and updates of the BIOS as well as troubleshooting and troubleshooting include the operating system”, explains Mr Reichelt. Just inform the prospective customers for remote maintenance should advance about the costs. So, there are providers with the settlement about expensive phone numbers with the prefix 0900 or 0190. Some providers use premium rate numbers to the Appointment and then connection packages and additional per-minute rates over a euro and more.

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