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The Abdominals

9. Good physical fitness helps people recover faster after previous serious illnesses, surgeries, injuries, childbirth, because strong muscles wider opportunities to utilize oxygen than the flabby, and the more oxygen they get, the faster restores and function of organs and tissues. Strong, trained muscles have a much greater potential recovery, rather than weak and flabby. In some hospitals, patients who undergo an operation on the chest or abdomen prescribed a few weeks to perform a special exercise program prior to the planned operation. 10. You might want to play sports to relax or improve your mood. Tests conducted by M.

Carmack and R. Martens, show that people who engage in running for this very reason, get much more emotional charge of the study than those who practice only because someone told them how it's useful. Everyone can find their own causes which impel him to start exercise. One girl in the whole year lifting and karate for self-defense. Another decided to get rid of back pain, floating on the mile five times a week and doing special exercises for the abdominals and back. I personally know a guy who has become an excellent boxer. Here, Office for Civil Rights expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

You should have seen how weak and skinny he was before classes begin. He was constantly called names dystrophic, because he stuck edge. After a year of regular classes in boxing, he has no one said anything like that Keep in mind that start to engage in and even take part in competitions is not too late at any age, regardless of their health. Yes and hell take it when I see men and women are not young age, which compete with young people on equal terms in the fitness club, I penetrate deep conviction that the health – is the norm, muscular and tighten up – this is our GOD'S gift People of I speak and can afford a lot, even at the age of 50 years and older: make love, walk brisk walk down the street, decent look at the beach, do not run to doctors every week. Movement – that's life

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