Columbia University in the City of New York

The Blackness

In front of the gate covered of heras, Enrique touched the shoulder of Peter. – He goes, or he gives up and he will be called not Peter, but Coward. He enters for the front and skirt for the deep ones. Peter breathed deep imagining that he would leave there running and cagando in the pants. He went up the steps of the stairs that had creaked under its feet as if monsters were snarling under the wooden floor.

Arriving the door it tried abriz it, but he did not obtain. He turned himself he stops backwards and he saw Enrique making signals so that he insisted. Peter exerted a little more than force and the latch yielded, opening the door. It looked at for inside and delimited in the blackness of the interior, the dark forms of an empty room with the wooden floor covered of falling leaves and dust. A lightning illuminated the blackout following itself the boom of a thunder and a ventania that made the house to protest moaning. Impelled for the wind, the door was closed with a boom behind Peter. It estremeceu and ran abriz it and to run away from there, but he did not obtain, the door handle was emperrada. Looking at around it looked for to say itself exactly that there it did not have nothing, that did not have reason to have fear.

It was until the window and it looked at for an opening at the accurate moment where its two friends leave in gone off, as they had seen some thing appalling. Peter decided that he had to forget the door entrance and to look for to leave for the deep ones. With the legs bambas, it was directed for the deep ones. It followed for a corridor and arriving I retire at it that before it was the kitchen, opened the door that gave for the street and left precipitated, esbarrando in the woman who appeared suddenly in its front.

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