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Who elaborates the payment leaf knows that the RAT it must be calculated using the FAP, and places in the system this information. Who paid a leaf usually does not know to distinguish in the sum of the paid value what it corresponds to the original RAT and what it is currently the adjusted RAT (the RAT multiplied for the FAP). Who calculates the social changes and working esteem the costs of the company, it includes in the counting what he is paid, and this value, inlaid in the final price of the product, is repassed the consumer. Companies whom easiness has to repass this cost (banks, for example) can allow not to attempt against for what the FAP represents; however, others exist (perhaps the majority) that it has some difficulty, as those with great competition in the market, with edge of small profit or whose insumo main is the workmanship hand. For these the unfamiliarity of the increased RAT, or still better, of the existing possibility of that the same it is diminished, implies in loss of chance to operate in level of more efficient performance. We can say that managing, vices-president and mainly the presidents of companies, normally of medium great transport, nor knows how much its organizations are paying for this tribute without management.

What we can affirm is that we are speaking of a tribute in the house of sets of ten of millions for the great companies. 6.Outro aspect that inhibits practical to diminish the FAP is the unfamiliarity of the implications ' ' adjacentes' ' to the events that impactam in the FAP. Here it is some of the situations that can occur from the concession of the acidentrios benefits: ) Collect of the used FGTS for with acidentrio benefit: As the FAP is resulted of emitted acidentrios benefits and CATs, the first ones compel the collect of the FGTS during the time that the individual will be receiving the benefit.

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