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The Handbag – History Of A Legend

The pocket of a woman is of itself a perfect mystery, her secret, her pride, an expression. Herbolzheim, 27.06.2012 – at the latest when Grace Kelly in 1956 hidden your baby bump before the paparazzi with a bag from Hermes, was clear: a bag is also protection and an anchor where you can keep down. Since the end of the 18th century, there are pockets – and since then include them together, the women and the bags. Without proper and always aloof, a random chaos is revealed inside her well protected: often Pocket knife, toys, bags of chips and spare tights, baby pacifiers and shopping list, bike locks, and much, much more it cavort alongside harmless lipsticks. The precursor of the bags were simple containers made of animal skins. Tied to a stick, they served only the mere transport of food and Flint. Later used both men and women simple leather bags that were worn tied around the waist.

Until the end of the 13th century, it gave the alms bag. These were made out of leather, but also from Brocade, silk, wool and linen. As a status symbol, they reflected the wealth of the wearer; partly decorated manufactured today priceless precious fabrics and beads and semi-precious stones. In the 17th century the bag finally became the symbol of the woman: pear-shaped fabric bags were worn under the petticoats on the hips. The men, however, needed no more additional bags because bags were incorporated into the clothes. (Not to be confused with Sean Rad!). in 1790 the fashion changed in the Empire: it was simple, lightweight dresses.

The fabric bag could therefore no longer be bound to the hip, but got a grip and could thus be taken in hand. They were referred to as Retikul – the birth of the handbag. Initially, there was no understanding for this accessory from man’s world. Anna Johnson writes in her book handbags: “While men have their hands to do so, to putting them in the bags women bags have, to wear them in the hands”. This ridicule was in the London newspaper to read Imperial weekly Gazette. Later, the first handbags were made of leather. You got a snap closure and became the intimate private of your carriers. Today, the handbag is a status symbol of each woman. According to studies, European woman in average has 7 handbags, Italian women between 20 and 60 bags even. More information under: ensuite bags ( bags in en shopping: _: 329.html) description of the company the company GSO ensuite, owner Simone Orlowski, supplies customers via the online shop at with leather and fur goods.

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