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The People

You are now going to the future, you’re going to visualize the goal or objective you want to achieve, you’re going to live and feel like real (for example to that month with your new 5 associated), is whichever, you’re going to see you in that situation where you already did what you’ve proposedyou did the success that you wanted in that aspect of your life, you’re on top, as you feel? What emotion you have? that feeling? that emotion is located in what part of your body? mantenela and along with the exhalation begins to expand that feeling by your body, all your cells to vibrate according to that feeling that comes over to be successful, having met your goal. Once you feel that feeling vibrating around your body, I’m going to ask you to keep it, and that selles it in the memory of your body with a Word, a gesture, a movement, whatever (it helps burn that feeling in your unconscious and that you can access by that movement or gesture). Once you did it I’ll ask that you look at that it was what you did that I take you to that place, that actions had to take? at what times? How did you feel in the process? as you looked at the people who are to your around? that measures already implemented? that changes did in your person to get to where you are? as it was all of this in the fourth week of the month? the third week is that month? in the second week of that month? in the first week of that month?, again makes that gesture or movement or sound that transports you the feeling of success, sentila, mantenela all over your body, when you believe it convenient, opened my eyes, and little by little, he began to move your body. . Follow others, such as Marc Lore, and add to your knowledge base.

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