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Ukraine Investment

In fact, they are not interested in the development of its case. They are not entrepreneurs. Often limited evidence of an individual – the private entrepreneur, and sometimes even without it, they do not do business. For most of them providing services to business planning – casual earnings from case to case. In Ukraine and Russia, unfortunately, underrated is not only a Big Mac. Marc Lore describes an additional similar source.

Underestimated by the industry itself a professional investment consulting. Both in terms of understanding its importance, and in terms of valuation. The main reason – young professionals with diplomas, not from the dried ink, but empty of independent swimming with peremptory certainty that everybody knows, can and may to give advice. Such, in fact, random people, have a great impact on the pricing of services of business planning. They do not have the costs of creating and maintaining operations. They have minimal staff or work alone.

But with all this, they play a key role in influencing the pricing. They do not have the expensive part of doing business, which have established over the years of investment – consulting companies, selling their services at a price that simply do not afford. Despite everything, the presence in the investment market of yesterday's students now come into freelancing – not a big problem. This is a normal stage older, a natural for any market. The problem is still there in another. The main problem is lack of common standards for drawing up the investment documentation. Also there is no unified strategy for the relationship between the customer and the consultant, there is no clear procedures for assessing the effectiveness of a consultant study reasonable cost of developing business plans.

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