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University Education Management And Higher Learning

At this time there are many debates surrounding the design and management education in different areas: academic, educational, administrative, community, in short in all its dimensions, has linked up with schools. In that sense, there has been a very important series of discussions about school autonomy, participation, educational attainment, among other topics. All scholars agree that these issues of educational institutions and general social institutionalism are a means for achieving educational objectives, its performance, effectiveness, efficiency, transparency, are issues that can join forces to achieve consensus to establish a sound educational policy. Andy Kaufman has plenty of information regarding this issue. Have a schedule that allows for addressing, but especially that allow all actors of society to participate and involuntary in education, is one of the most important goals that the entire education system to pursue.

Education is not the responsibility of the teacher, not absolute responsibility our government, is the responsibility of an entire society, and in that regard, joint efforts should be between public and private sectors, entire schools and institutions seeking apologia to them, between the national and local throughout the country. This transforms Educational Management in Quality of Life, can conceive of curriculum management leads directly to support the work in the classroom and build on the learning needs of those living between teacher and student, will be the guidelines to design proposals and strategies that allow human beings to achieve the maximum development of their capacities as educational product and its application to the achievement of individual and community well-being as a result of the relation that the educational product and your community with this idea is Teachers must provide the necessary inputs so that it can manage the curriculum required in the field where the school achieves its performance not only the curriculum but we will witness a different way of assessing the educational process and plans and school projects bring to the fore the learning and life skills development using knowledge understood as programmatic content will only be a starting point and ultimate goal, if designing plans and projects then we will have better evidence and clues or indicators that allow us to observe the development of education and the educational product at the same time identify as a welfare impacts in all areas of life.

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