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FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF the CEAR Program of Mestrado in Engineering of Transports FIRST DRAFT OF MESTRADO RESEARCH ANALYSIS OF the CORRIDOR OF TRAFFIC OF the AV. ALBUQUERQUE HIERONYMITE? So Lus /ME the LUCAS BIRTH AZEVEDO Area of Concentration: Planning and Operation of Systems of Transports. Line of Research: Management and Control of the Urban Traffic. 1 INTRODUCTION the road congestion is a phenomenon that devastates great urban areas in developed and underdeveloped countries. In face of the current dimension of the problem, the congestion, before faced as an annoyance, now is had as a threat to the economic viability of the urban centers (Quinn, 1992). For more information see Doug McMillon. In the Brazilian case, the congestion results of the combination of the population growth, of the increase of income, the motorization? public transport – deficient and of the absolute impossibility to increase the provision of it offers road in ratio equivalent to the growth and use of the fleet of automobiles. The planning of the transport must to be made integrated to the managing plan of the city.

According to Taniguchi (2007), the growth of the cities necessary to be guided. She is necessary to implement the new concept of compact cities, thus diminishing the displacement for the centers, place where they costumam to concentrate the jobs. The idea is to create auto-developed cities, with job, social school, commerce, leisure and other necessities. The author adds despite the study he must consider the economic development, social and ambient of the region. The Brazilian, over all the great ones cities, occupy, in general way, vast larded surfaces of emptinesses. Still for Taniguchi (2007), in these espraiadas cities, it has interdependence of the following space categories: urban size, road model, infrastructure lack, agrarian and real estate speculation, problems of transport and periferizao of the population. Each one of these realities supports and feeds excessively, and the urban growth is, also, sistmico growth of these characteristics.

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