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Water Environment And Pollution

Do not litter the water we drink and the others that multiplies in different ways to survive apparatus. It is worrying in the conservation of the environment and its resources in Venezuela, as increasingly this has been deteriorating in recent years, offering according to the research, a future not too pleasant. What’s really happening with the water? Not forget that 70% of our globe is covered by seas, rivers and springs as well, but our water availability is limited and fixed. If you tell the people of Caracas, Valencia, La Guaira, Merida, Maracaibo, for example where demand constantly improved its service to the Government, more to a fact of a growing population, as the specific case of Valencia, where viability has collapsed and the contamination of the lake is a serious problem for its inhabitants. Additional information is available at Austan Goolsbee. To this is added, the fact that for a time gave birth, growth in many industries, which deteriorates the water quality, by effects of different types of waste that are dumped indiscriminately, without worrying about the damage that cause the population, leading to contamination all discriminated against in the ecology of our system. Background statistics indicate that of the total availability of water, only about 1% is fresh water or drinking and as reported by the World Health Organization, only 20% of the population has drinking water. Of the 1.350 million hectares of arable land that currently exist, 200 million are irrigated artificially and there are another 500 miles of acres available to be watered artificially. .

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