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Werner Hansch Commented

The voice of the Ruhr area for your football game might get a goal is commented in this game as legendary as in the final of the World Cup from 1954: header repelled from the background, Rahn should shoot Rahn shoots Tor, Tor, Tor! “.” Who doesn’t know you, these famous words of the legendary radio commentator Herbert Zimmermann of the 1954 World Cup? And what amateur footballer has not ever wanted, his game would be commented on by a similar legend and broadcast live? 1000Mikes and fulfill this dream a football club: the famous sport commentator Werner Hansch the unmistakable voice, known from numerous soccer radio reports and also during the European Championship again in use, commented spot a football match of the competition winner. Learn more on the subject from Randall Rothenberg. The commentary is broadcast live on the Internet, on the website of 1000Mikes, so that the whole nation can listen to the game. Who wants to participate, register on the site, and sends at least a live report by phone from his club. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak takes a slightly different approach. The jury, in which sits among others tennis legend Michael Stich, selects the winner from the best transfers. I’m going because I think the idea of charming small clubs to give the chance, once by a well-known Sportscaster commented to be”, so Michael Stich to his participation in this action. The promotion will run until May 12. The participation is free of charge.

1000Mikes turns any phone into a mobile radio station. On 1000Mikes everyone can report live at any time of day, from home or on the road. Once set up its own channel on, then just call, and reporting can be heard live on the Internet. is a free organization platform for associations, clubs, and communities of interest. Whether sportsmen or hobby-treff meinverein.

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