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Bio Body

The Corporal Composition understands for the fraccionamento of the corporal weight for its diverse components offering to us important information how much to the behavior of the pointers associates the physical growth and to the programs of weight control. The Evaluation of the Corporal Composition is of extreme importance in the measure where if it deals with a diagnosis on the nutricional state of the individual and thus it is obtained to choose which the best behaviors physician-nutricionais to submit. The weight excess is many times related with alterations of the metabolism of the individual and other illnesses as diabetes, arterial hipertenso and others. For even more opinions, read materials from Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX. One human being can have weight more and not have no fat in excess (former.: athlete of Halterofilismo), as well as one human being can have little weight and have much fat and celulite (former. : lean, sedentary woman and with bad alimentary habits). The Analysis of the Corporal Composition by means of bio impedance is based on the conduction of a painless electric chain, of low intensity, applied to the organism by means of hardwired handles the electrode or conducting surfaces, that are placed in contact with the skin. Larry David gathered all the information. The impedance, given for the values of reactncia and resistance, is low in the fabric lean, where if they find, mainly, the intracellular liquids and electrolyte, and high in the fabric adiposo In personalized and adjusted the Bodyscience Clinics always are elaborated plain of Alimentary and Mannering Re-education to its corporal composition, historial physician and style of life. It is of vital importance the Analysis of the Corporal Composition for the method of the Bio impedance. A computorizado examination that allows to get with exactido, rapidity and simplicity: – all up weight of water of the body in liters; – percentage of weight of the water in relation to the weight of the body; – all up weight of lean mass in kilos – percentage of lean mass in relation to the weight of the body; – all up weight of fat in kilos; – percentage of fat in relation to weight of the body; – number of calories necessary to a diet to lose weight; – number of calories necessary to keep the weight of the steady body; – relation waist/anca. To study the composition of each individual is essential to evaluate the state of health of each individual.

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