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Third had included/understood that the wars against the Carthaginians were in a tactically important point, that no longer was satisfied as a dispute by the control of the Mediterranean, but by a fight until death. The war would not stop until one of the parts was annihilated. It knows to Anbal, and it has taken it this hostility until the last consequences, almost by itself when leading an army of cruel and mercenary. It is therefore that Anbal must die. Like by will of the Gods, Third sees a throwable lance (pilum) in the ground near him, between its position and the objective. Now the young Roman understood everything. Its spontaneous enlistment, being ignored by the nmidas riders after it was demolished, to wake up with life after a massacre and to elude to the ejecutadores.

It had put it to the destiny in this situation. I must save Rome and follow the legacy of my ancestors. Whenever gymnast listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Its mind began only to be shaken, thinking that the same battle and the thousands of deaths they had sense to arrive at this point, before an unbeatable Anbal in the devices of the war. Third was delirious. I am an instrument of the Gods.

One crawled slowly until taking the lance with its right hand. Anbal was to a short distance, reason why it was a easy prey. Without knowing why, this distance worried to him. Then, the doubts began to watch it, by all sides, simultaneously. Is in fact this man the same Anbal? It is possible that he is only a one-eyed soldier who robbed that clothing to the dead Romans. And if it is in fact Anbal? Nothing guarantees that if I kill its troops to him they disperse and who they stop to take Rome. And if I cannot kill to him? What happens if failure? What I will do if they catch to me? Their thoughts it were returning crazy. By while, one of the Carthaginians shouted to him to the one-eyed and infuriated it retired next to whom it also seemed displeased.

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