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Club History

Club de Regatas Corrientes born September 27, 1923 at the behest of a group of supporters of rowing and swimming. Its first president was Dr. Jose M. Chapo, and its headquarters is located in an area called the park or walk Miter, formerly an area where troops were installed and artillery batteries to defend the city in the War of the Triple Alliance against Paraguay.
The club began with a few partners who had to pay a fee of one peso coin company, and with a narrow sandy beach on the Paran River that limited him to this point with the Miter, one of the seven-pointed stone to give name the city (San Juan de Vera of the seven Corrientes), and west is also a stone promontory at the mouth of the creek “Poncho Verde.”
The institution grew with the rowing and swimming as his sport’s founding. The first rowing crews competing at the national rowing do about the end of the’30s and the early 40s, with a famous or 4 Juniors Junior four “as it was called then dubbed the” 4 fierro “formed by D’Angelo, Capar , Branca and D’Artagnan knew that some gains in Tigre.
Over time and in the 50s there was a fire in the historic headquarters (the wood) and was almost completely destroyed along with boats and files then begins rebuilding social club but a place of masonry and their corporate facilities.
Since the mid-70s the club receives an initial flurry of new members mainly drawn by the beach where you can enjoy the river in summer to no more than 10 blocks from the mall turned into a classic correntino “capital” The club receives subsidies and built a stadium with basketball gym closed, with capacity for approximately 4000 people, which opens to the Argentine Basketball Championship 1970, so it becomes part of the club the first major building work.
Since the mid-’90s there was a second wave of members to the institution, now with over twelve thousand members, but this time with a much stronger foundation as the old club was not alone in its renewed leadership but in how they interact with society Correntina to provide services, activities and entertainment than ever before could be developed by other institutions even at the national level. Was achieved to expand the area of coastline extending more property to the east of the tip Miter, which built a beach sports (after a second), marine boat cabins, and currently keeps a candle lighter (optimist, etc.) and not too distant future will be the mooring, boat shed and carpentry nautic.
The seat is broad party halls, multi-purpose room and meeting and in the western edge of the club built its first building sports mA of 3094, which housed the sports “floor” as being primarily, tumbling, gym weightlifting and bodybuilding, judo, karate, taekwon do, aerobics, yoga and costumes, and other
It also has a swimming pool of 25 meters fully covered and heated, and its waters emerged as a representative in Sydney 2000 Olympic and Beijing Sergio Andres Ferreyra 2008, one of the prides of the institution, like the basketball team recently champion of South American Basketball League, with Alejandro ‘Puma’ Montecchia, Olympic champion in Athens 2004 as one of the main standard bearers for its realization, the club correntino positioning at the top of South America, with the added value involved.
In these young 85 years of life, have gone through the nineteen club presidents and their respective executive committees. similar insights. Today the fate of the institution are in the hands of Dr. Eduardo Tassano, back into a steering committee that emerged from the ground and are true representatives of the various sporting disciplines that are practiced in the institution.

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