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The man in the ongoing development of history has always had to resort to the use of some elements found in nature, whether foods like fruits, vegetables and meat animals or tools to different tools or things that make them largely implementation of many activities or have some animals that make great helpers in the various tasks to be performed by men are much easier and this is the case of horses thanks to its great strength and the ability to mount to move from one place to another is useful for long in history as a means of transport. Credit: Frank Ntilikina-2011. Although no longer has much use as in former times is helpful in the countryside and rural areas and own work in such areas. According to the above, before such a great helper of men as it has been the horse is worth knowing a little more about this great animal with his strength and beauty is one of the animals in nature but present in the life of man. In speaking of a horse is a mammal reference horse, which is herbivorous, quadruped and which has a beautiful long neck arched. We must distinguish the name of the horse depending on their sex and talking about refers to the male horse and the mare that is referring to the female, it is also necessary to distinguish when it concerns a young horse is called a colt. What is known today as the horse is the result of a long historical process of evolution that moves 55 million years ago with the Eohippus which would evolve until the appearance of the horse with the look it has today, achieving a significant increase in its size and weight that gives you great power, perhaps one of the aspects that most change has been his limbs.

The horse in regard to their reproductive activity, reaches sexual maturity at 4 years of life and from that age could start your sex life. Regarding the process of gestation, this lasts 11 months as a result giving birth to one chick, the birth of more offspring is not very usual, in cases that, if present is most common in older mares. One thing to bear in mind in regard to sexual activity of the horse, is that the coupling of the horse with the horse is somewhat difficult, thus often requires human intervention in the sexual act, leading member of the horse in the mare to perform sexual activities and generate the possibility of fertilization. The horse is usually used in activities such as horse breeding or in the performance of various transport activities in both rural and urban areas, but you can easily find in the conduct of sports and exhibitions.

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