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A HISTORICAL BRIEFING OF the ALFABETIZAO the pertaining to school model of alfabetizao, understood here as ' ' process of education and learning of the alphabetical system of escrita' ' , that is, the process of education and initial learning of reading and writing had been born have more than two centuries little, necessarily in 1789, in France, after the French Revolution. From now on, according to Barbosa (1990: 28) IN Amncio (2002: 32), the children are transformed into pupils, to learn to write if it overlaps to learn to read, to read now is learned writing? until this period, to read age a distinct and previous learning to write, understanding some years of instruction through individualizado education. Analyzing the evolution of the inquiry and the debate in relation to the pertaining to school alfabetizao in century XX, Amncio affirms that it is possible to define in general lines three periods, if relating only to the Ocidente? especially Europe and North America and of the South. The first period it corresponds approximately to the first half of the century, when the quarrel if gave strict in the land of education. Optimum method searched to teach to read, on the basis of the assumption of that the occurrence of failure if related with the use of inadequate methods.

The quarrel more candente was stopped enters the defenders of the Global Method and of the Phonetic Method. The Global or Analytical Method defended that optimum age to offer to the pupil the totality, that is, words, phrases or small texts, so that it made an analysis and arrived at the parts, that are the syllables and letters. In a question-answer forum Larry David was the first to reply. The Phonetic or Synthetic Method, in contrast, considered that the pupil had to learn first the letters or syllables, and the sound of the same ones, stops later arriving at the word or phrase.

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