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The open source enterprise content management system was now released the open source database PostgreSQL (in addition to the MySQL database) as a more productive database “agorum core” after extensive beta testing. Thus, the user can choose from between two powerful databases now for its productive system. The update package available is for upgrading from the previous version. Thus, all previous versions on the stand by 6.2.0 can be lift. The new installation was improved so that it’s now even easier to install a new system. The functionality of “agorum core” was expanded to new QuickView, easier and faster data to display and print. Mail can be picked up by the iPod touch and iPhone now and read.

Agorum desk4web Web portal has been improved in terms of administration, so that permissions can be controlled by color representation even faster and more efficiently. Improvements in the Recycle Bin of the server to make sure that specific file types can be excluded, so that they immediately be deleted. Filtering capabilities have been extended for the Historicisation specifically exclude desired objects. There function for the communications improvements in the RSS feed, by an extension in the mail sending a read receipt when the receiver can now be requested. This version is rounded off by the resolve of many minor and major bugs and issues. A complete list of the changes, as well as the necessary updates and installations are available on.

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