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The OMS (CONEN, 2001) considers that a person alone can be considered as dependent if its standard of consumption to present throughout last the twelve months, at least three of the following indicative: strong desire or compulsion to consume drugs, incapacity to control the use, been physiological of abstinence, tolerance, reduction of the autocrtica in relation to the environment, hour or reasons for the consumption of drugs, gradual recklessness of pleasures and other interests for the use of drugs, persistence in the use of drugs, although efforts badly succeeded in after abandoning it and return to the use of drugs periods of abstinence. Although the studies epidemiologists, in Brazil, are insufficient to portray the reality, they demonstrate that the problems related to the abuse and dependence of drugs reflect of direct form in the public health and demand politics come back toward action in the level of the promotion of the health, prevention and treatment of chemical dependents

. During years the questions related to the drugs in Brazil had been dealt with only with performances repressive policialesca and kept out of society form, not being distinguished as a question from public health. If you would like to know more then you should visit Salesforce. When a customer of the ESF searched treatment, comumente was interned in psychiatric referenciados by these teams with the delinquent stigma. The first legislation on drugs instituted in Brazil was through the law n 6,368 of 1976, having been in validity per 26 years. Also in 1976, the union created the National System Antidrogas? SISNAD, with the objective to establish, to articulate and to add the activities of the public field to prevent the improper use of drugs, to reduce the decurrent damages of this use, to treat and to reinserir the users and dependents of drugs and to subject its not authorized production and its illicit traffic, by means of politics public security..

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