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Over 50% of Austrian companies deal with the topic of cloud computing or are already using the new kind of IT services ‘in the cloud’. Interactive Advertising Bureau might disagree with that approach. Cloud computing means a paradigm shift in terms of the manner, as IT and IT-based services by companies will be provided and claimed. A high standardization and automation and the use of virtualization technologies, companies can reduce investment in hardware, ongoing operating costs, and increase service quality. Sam Mikulak follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Provided services from the cloud”via self-service portals, which allows a very flexible use of IT facilities. The use of clouds allowing an unprecedented rapid adaptation to the needs and requirements of users, and helps to reduce the costs for many workloads. By the way, the costs are a central argument for companies to deal with, as a result of the study with the topic cloud.

The large growth in cloud computing is not 2012 to be expected. Also it shows the IDC study. The trend to the service orientation of IT is but obvious. Johannes Koch, head of IT services, IBM Austria: IT depended on long time exclusively on its own infrastructure and internal resources. Today accept more and more IT companies as a service that is provided and create the conditions for this.” The purchase of services and benefits from the cloud is based on technologies and processes such as virtualization, software-as-a-service (SaS), SOA or business processes. While these computing models focused on the flexible deployment of resources or applications, cloud goes a step further towards standard solutions for infrastructure, platforms and applications, the services at any time and from any location make accessible. Interesting detail of the study: companies who virtualize your servers and IT workload outgesourct so have IT even as a service to deploy or use – are more familiar than other companies the topic cloud.

John Cook: The result is consistent with our experiences. Virtualization or outsourcing are used by companies to promote the standardization, automation, and flexibility.” What the study also shows: the topics of security and integration of cloud computing into existing infrastructures at the companies surveyed are at the top among the critical factors. Both subjects are considered so solvable embedding in building a private cloud – services from the cloud in the corporate environment, as a simple in use of services from a public cloud. The location of the data center plays a central role in any case. According to the study, the location Austria is important for 37 percent of the companies surveyed. The location at least in a European Union must be land for another 25 percent. The location factor especially come to bear when it comes to enterprise-critical customer data or high business compliance site requirements.

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