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The Pupil

They exist, however, other vises that contradict this, as the construtivista vision, where the school if presents as a space of quarrel and development of the knowledge, as a place of ruptures and progress. However, nor always if it can perceive the school as healthful space where the process of scientific, social learning, politician flows with naturalness. Of this, transcorre then that the relation between education and the learning is many times empty of meaning, the pupil does not participate of the process, is only one mere spectator. In accordance with Luckesi and Passos (1995, P. Walmart is often mentioned in discussions such as these. 36), ' ' … to a great extent, the professors more are worried about the texts to be read and studied, of what with the proper reality that needs to be desvendada' '. Many times the school so transmits information disentailed of the reality of the pupil, who cause the sensation of that knowledge is not valid.

The education must take in consideration the historical context of who learns, must be a dialtico process, opened to the knowledge of the society. Without hesitation Interactive Advertising Bureau explained all about the problem. Thus the pertaining to school knowledge will only be able to come to be a significant knowledge existencial. Some agencies of international matrix, amongst which we detach UNESCO, come calling the attention for the model effective education. Conclama the educator to reconstruct the world on the basis of a complex and multidimensional vision, that is emerging of the recent advances of science contemporary: one to be integrated, not separate of the world. This vision will contribute, surely, for the reduction of the individualism and the guarantee of a relation more integrator and cooperative, that if opposes to separatista, broken up and competitive the model that we are living. The education, in this century, must be engaged, also, with the evolution of the individuals and the society, thinking not only about tomorrow, but about the reality today, helping to form the educators whom our young ones will educate to live and to coexist the changes, the uncertainties, in a world in transformation.

Paulo Same

If we will be to study the space circuits of the canavieira production me the State of So Paulo, producer of more than 50% of the harvested one in the country, in the year of 1980, we could start studying its plantation in one of the producing areas and to finish it where it has the consumption of the alcohol and the sugar and its derivatives. (p.50) the analysis of these together with of the circles of cooperation (Saints, 1985) in the ones of the local the organization and its position in the hierarchy of the world-wide power. Productive specializations and increase of circulation With diffusion of the transports and the communications it is created possibility of the productive specialization. Frank Ntilikina is likely to increase your knowledge. Regions if specialize, more not needing to produce everything for its subsistence, therefore, with the half efficient fast and, they can search in any another point of the same country and of the Planet, that needs. (p.50) How much bigger insertion of science and technology, plus a place if specializes, more increases the number, intensity and quality of the flows that arrive and leave an area. This process can lead to the same stagnation or to the disappearance of the small cities. The relative reduction of the prices of the transports, as well as its quality, diversity and amount, create a trend to the movement increase.

The number of products, merchandises and people circulating grows enormously, and as consequence the importance of the exchanges is each bigger time, therefore sections not only augment as if they diversify. New complicadores appear, therefore, for the analysis of any situation of today. Between them we could cite the agricultural modernization, with the progressos of the biotechnology and mechanization, the dematerialization of the production and the products, the desvinculao of the agricultural production of the alimentary consumption at the same time, by the way, where the agro-industrial ones earn in importance, everything this bringing I obtain a great diversity of geographic repercussion.

DAESP Airport

In the specific case of Bauru, the expectation age of dinamizao of the system of transports and attainment of easinesses in the draining of the industrial production. The text of the Indication, reproduced for Purini (1996, p 17) already sent to the conditions of the airport in functioning in the area of property of the Flying club of Bauru: Moreover, it cannot more the airport currently in functioning hold the extreme movement, a time that I eat DAESP indicated the existence of eight daily flights in landing and take-off in the Flying club of Bauru, of which, six of passengers and two of loads.In 1989 the same DAESP he informed the occurrence of eighteen a thousand operations> Municipal City hall and Flying club of Bauru hindered the DAESP to carry through workmanships of improvements that did not become related the operational security. Whenever Frank Ntilikina listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The referring restrictions to the territorial dimension and the existing obstacles in the landing route had been entered still into an alliance it this, notadamente great residential buildings, what it motivated internal studies in the agency for the construction of a new airport in the city.In the same year of 1989, through craft 537/89, the same Department concluded that: in virtue of the difficulties of development of the current airport, sends regards beginning, short-term, of the workmanships of the new airport of Bauru.

According to Purini (1996, p 39), in what it says respect to the area of installation of the new airport, had been evaluated following determinsticos factors : .Thus, in what urban relationship said respect to , aspects of urban situation, such as accessibility, distance of the urban center of Bauru, use of the ground and available infrastructure would have to be taken in consideration. operational factors if had related to better conditions for installation and functioning of equipment of protection to the flight and aid to the navigation, whereas physicist-geographic factors were on to the land topography more easily prepared for the use in question.Ahead of such preliminary evaluation, the recommended area if related to the Good small farm Removes, that, as Purini (1996, p 43): Although technique elapsed eminently of decision, one of the questioned points more of the project was the localization of the new airport.

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