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Tips For Buying Sunglasses

Ultraviolet radiation can cause severe damage to the eyes, so sunglasses in addition to an attachment in the current fashion, are indispensable for the protection offered against UV rays. From the aesthetic approach designer Donatella Versace says that the lenses add a touch of mystery and sophistication to men. Why there are so many and so many models, you can select which most conducive to his face. For men there are many options surround and spheres with extensions available in paste or metal; logos in plates adorn the sides, while bridges become creative due to your ergonomic shapes. The Aviator style remains very requested, for its oval structure comes well with almost all types of face. Crystals ink in never-before-seen colors and gradients are taking. All obviously with sunscreen. More than its use purely aesthetic consider the health benefits when in choosing sunglasses to use during the season, either during the summer or any time of the year because the UV radiations are always present in sunlight.

A color very dark lens sunglasses color does not automatically guarantee that you correctly filter UV radiation. In case of failure to do so, a particularly dangerous circumstance, occurs because the pupil dilated when not receiving as much visible light will receive even more UV radiation. In summary, the use of sunglasses that do not filter UV rays adequately can be more dangerous than not wear sunglasses. The lens color may vary with fashion, but still there are a series of recommended colors for General uses and for specific uses. Green, grey or Brown is recommended for general purposes. These minimize color distortion which would be dangerous in certain activities such as driving a car. Gray lenses are considered neutral since they do not alter the contrast or colors.

Especially recommended for drivers. Green or brown lenses can cause a minimal color distortion and increase the contrast. Especially recommended for outdoor sports. Red, good lenses for conditions of medium or low light, since increase the contrast. The lenses yellow and oranges are the best increasing contrast in the perception of depth on cloudy days. That is why they are used by golfers and hunters. Blue or violet, lenses that have no real benefits. Its use is purely aesthetic.

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