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The Three

At the head of a tower built in their heads! Well, really hard to understand that not ascend to heaven, is not it! Means of recovery – in those around you! Contact with the heart, lift up the tower, erected in that. Let it drift off course! – And he telepath – I thought – just a “demolition Tower “I just thought. That’s just who it blows? – Team up with one another, expand on the connections between your total force – the power of unity, and in his heart, as the elevator going up. All the three hours that he was busy with an elevator, we spent in conversation. In a head crowded with thousands of questions, time raced by.

Finally, from the open doors into the stuffy cabin down a beam of light. I got up and pushed his way into the slot. No one was not there, but this I am not very surprised. Slowly walked to the window stairwell, looked straight at the sunset sky. Sun was no longer visible, but because it highlights the horizon purple scattered high clouds.

Thoughts flowed in my head and my at the same time strange, strangers, without a specific copyright, as would have put one of my colleagues. – What could be more common between these eternal sky and endless fuss down there? What could connect these two worlds – the eternal, perfect, present, and the world of noise and senseless violence that we ourselves have created. In the life of virtually every one of us had to try the taste of perfection, either in childhood or in those 3.2 moment of happiness that are so beautiful that come to mind very, very rare. One, only one property, give us a chance to get up there – a property of human unity, when everyone will be part of one whole. All of us – one big cell of the body – all of humanity and we all interconnected – for good luck or misfortune.

Tips For Buying Sunglasses

Ultraviolet radiation can cause severe damage to the eyes, so sunglasses in addition to an attachment in the current fashion, are indispensable for the protection offered against UV rays. From the aesthetic approach designer Donatella Versace says that the lenses add a touch of mystery and sophistication to men. Why there are so many and so many models, you can select which most conducive to his face. For men there are many options surround and spheres with extensions available in paste or metal; logos in plates adorn the sides, while bridges become creative due to your ergonomic shapes. The Aviator style remains very requested, for its oval structure comes well with almost all types of face. Crystals ink in never-before-seen colors and gradients are taking. All obviously with sunscreen. More than its use purely aesthetic consider the health benefits when in choosing sunglasses to use during the season, either during the summer or any time of the year because the UV radiations are always present in sunlight.

A color very dark lens sunglasses color does not automatically guarantee that you correctly filter UV radiation. In case of failure to do so, a particularly dangerous circumstance, occurs because the pupil dilated when not receiving as much visible light will receive even more UV radiation. In summary, the use of sunglasses that do not filter UV rays adequately can be more dangerous than not wear sunglasses. The lens color may vary with fashion, but still there are a series of recommended colors for General uses and for specific uses. Green, grey or Brown is recommended for general purposes. These minimize color distortion which would be dangerous in certain activities such as driving a car. Gray lenses are considered neutral since they do not alter the contrast or colors.

Especially recommended for drivers. Green or brown lenses can cause a minimal color distortion and increase the contrast. Especially recommended for outdoor sports. Red, good lenses for conditions of medium or low light, since increase the contrast. The lenses yellow and oranges are the best increasing contrast in the perception of depth on cloudy days. That is why they are used by golfers and hunters. Blue or violet, lenses that have no real benefits. Its use is purely aesthetic.

Kabbalah And Spirituality

And we no longer know who to trust. Do we offer quality products and services? But 'they' – what we can, in a slightly smaller scale. In any small step we calculate the profit for themselves, and if we find her, only then do something for the near and long. And we all live in disbelief, accusing each other and complaining about life. Live in stress, which can reach a limit and explode with irreversible consequences. Click Larry David to learn more. Single body of Kabbalah tells us that all humanity – a single organism. People – this is the body's cells, the countries and peoples, like the organs and tissues.

But all cells, tissues and organs all have to work the entire body, but not for himself. Heart, lungs, liver, kidney, circulatory and nervous systems process entire body, not themselves. The same should be and in humanity. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX has to say. And Nature, the supreme law of the universe will help us only if we really exist in unity, caring and mutual support. We are all absolutely dependent from each other. The financial crisis has exposed us to this dependence on the material level.

The collapse of U.S. mortgage blew the whole world. But the Kabbalists say that this is just the tip of the iceberg. And if we do not follow the law of unity, then just die. This happens in a living organism, when some cells began to work on themselves. In medicine it is called cancer. What happens then – they know everything. Kills more than one cell, while the entire body. Kabbalists uncover the relation, which holds our world, say that if everyone saw this interdependence, they would simply afraid to move – so any of our action is everyone's concern, and all the good and evil returns to the back to us. Kabbalah tells us that to develop further, we can only change their attitude towards each other. Respecting the principle of "treat the other as to himself." Personal gain – a trouble shared As you say, forget about personal gain and material wealth? When we change our attitude toward our neighbors, our values change. It's like a relationship of two strangers who suddenly discover that they are brothers, separated in infancy. They are all my life looking for each other, the They no longer have relatives and friends. And in an instant from a stranger, with whom relations only on the calculation, the brother becomes a very close and all of your material with other calculations. We may think that all these arguments fantasy. But the law of nature that governs humanity has not been canceled, even though we do not know and do not believe in its existence. Only trouble was coming when suddenly, we say: 'Well, how so? That's just yesterday everything was fine. " It turns out that in the end we're a tough competition with themselves, deceiving, and substituting the 'spreading out' only themselves. So let's not repeat the mistakes. And for this you need only a little – to change their attitude towards each other. 03/17/2009

Learning about Buddhism

Ragul was the distributor of Tantra in India. A related site: CEO of e-commerce mentions similar findings. 150 years after Buddha's death, in his line of genus a man appeared with the same name, Ragul. He belonged to the caste of Brahmins. His father was a counselor at the court of a king. The young man was so clever and beautiful that the king wanted to give him his daughter. But this did not happen, because Ragul met a Buddhist monk and shaved his head, went to live with him in the forest.

While Buddhism has been a heresy in India. Not surprisingly, the family abandoned it. For several years he was a diligent student and one day, he was instructed to in the dream that his real teacher would be a woman. He came to the monk and said he must go further in search of his destiny. So Ragul went into the unknown, wandering around the country, he once stayed in one city to market. There in the dust sat a woman, she was a master of arrows and belonged to the sudras, the lowest caste, untouchable. For a while he watched her.

In her work was such a depth and maturity that he could not tear his eyes. She looked at him and suddenly, abruptly throwing his bow, took aim, he was in a moment it seemed that she shot him in the face, but she shot an arrow into the sky. And while it was flying boom, he realized his destiny. This woman was on much older than him and was sudra, but it became his teacher and his wife. She gave him a new name – Saraha, which means archer. Harold Ford Jr: the source for more info. They went to live in a cemetery, where indulged in love, song and dance. Naturally, this angered residents city, and they appealed to the king with a request to Saraha and a woman from the city. The king sent his soldiers to the cemetery, but Tantrikas sang them 84 songs Dohakosha (Song of the Kings), and the soldiers had not returned to his king. Then the wife of a king, wise woman said she probably will not solve the issue of force and diplomacy is needed. She went to the cemetery and Saraha sang her songs in 1948 and the Queen has not returned to the king. Enraged by the king himself went to the cremation ground, is home to troublemakers in the city, but Saraha sang 22 songs he and King did not return back. They say that since this kingdom ceased to exist. And Saraha and Sudra woman went to Tibet, where they ancestors of the Tibetan branch of tantra. This woman, staying in the shade, direct the development of doctrine, and Saraha epitomized this trend. They went their way, straight as an arrow. He and his girlfriend had gone together on a bright light. Tantra as close to life that goes into death. It combines the opposition, allowing touch nezamutnennogo source, which is contained in each individual. This is the way "intro." According to tantra, there are no books with detailed instructions, is entangled with the encrypted text concepts, like the medieval works on alchemy. But, man, "intro" does not really need any instructions, since the output and all the answers inside him. It should only be begin to open those doors. A drop of water contains the whole ocean, and the cell body contains the entire cosmos. Banshee Dan

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