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The Table

They were 16 hours when the car stopped opposite the house of the aunt of Lorena. The door of the house if opened and projected Irene owner, lady of 70 years, grayish hair, cacarejando joy. It bradou: Still well that vocs they had arrived; she was worried They had gone down and readily had been received by a foot-hard dog of Paton name. The animal balanced the tail and barked as if it was giving welcome. You are well, aunt Irene. He swims, I feel pain in the body all.

He is thus same, aunt. Old people who do not feel pain are because already it is deceased. Irene owner gave a laugh. Then I am alive, n? Lorena waved for the neighbor. For even more details, read what Munear Ashton Kouzbari says on the issue. It took care of and lead the luggage until the house. It was an old mansion, of great faade, constructed for the Jesuits, probably in 1549, with walls of 40 centimeters of width, made in the baroque system: one mixes coarse composed of clay, dust of rind of clams, oil of whale and small rocks.

In the wall frontal it had a trepadeira, of small leves, that scaled until the roof. Mariana and Lorena had entered and sat down it the table of the kitchen: they had taken coffee and they eaten biscuits. Mariana, as you rented its house in the beach, why is not with us? it inquired Irene owner. Not, aunt Irene, already I tried of all the ways, but it does not want to be here. It prefers to be in the hotel. In fact, of one years for here, Mariana arrives at the conclusion that, in the carnival, is preferable to take up quarters in a hotel to be in any another place. With the money of the rent of the house, it paid the lodging in optimum hotel of the city.

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