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To number twice to larger of men it is affected in relation you the women, although the women have to larger risk of developing hepatic disease induced by alcohol. The patients cirrhotic ploughs between 40 and 60 years old. In the state of So Paulo, the diseases of to liver ploughs the second causes of death among men from 35 you the 59 years and 10% of the marries of death ploughs due you alcoholic hepatic cirrhosis. This exertion university assignment intend you the deal with the actions of the nursing you the alcoholic hepatic cirrhosis patient and that objective was reached through the bibliographical research of method, which was accomplished through researches published in dissertations, articles published in scientific magazines, articles published in the Internet and adds old bibliographical collections. Concluded we would like you achieve the sensitization and understanding of the nursing team, on the importance of the nursing cares you the patient with alcoholic hepatic cirrhosis, looking will be an improvement in his to her service.

Key words: Assistance, nursing, cirrhosis, alcoholic. 1 ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY OF 1,1 LIVER CONCEPT OF the LIVER Being part of the digestorio system the liver is the biggest gland of the human body, can be said that it is a chemical plant that produces, stores, modifies and excreta an enormous involved substance number in the metabolism. In the normal adult man the liver represents 2.5% of the corporal weight and varies between 1.400 – 1,800 grams, depending on bitipo, while in the adult woman it varies between 1.300 – 1500 grams. To know more about this subject visit Interactive Advertising Bureau. Its relative weight is bigger in embryos and children, who can correspond 5.6% of the all up weight of an embryo of five gestacionais months, the 4 5% of the weight to the rising the term and 3% final year of the first year of life (GUYTON; HALL, 2008).

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