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Venezuelan President

"Cavez President Hugo commented:" The rich are destroying the planet, maybe they think going to another, "he joked on Wednesday the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, before the full the climate conference in Copenhagen, accusing the capitalist system "this disastrous scenario." The rich are destroying the planet, maybe they think going to another, "he quipped. Hugo Chavez, to the plenary of the conference on climate accused the capitalist system "this disastrous scenario." Chavez, who was one of the first heads of state in joining the conference, referred to the absence of its American counterpart Barack Obama, scheduled participate only on Friday. It is said that he lashed out ahead "now to appear here with the Nobel Peace Prize," which was "almost the same day as ordered 30,000 extra troops to kill innocent people in Afghanistan." "You can say that a ghost walks the streets of Copenhagen and I think they go with us in this room, this horrible ghost that almost nobody wants to name is capitalism," Chavez said from the podium. Emphasizing the responsibility of industrialized countries on global warming, Chavez recalled that "7% of the world population is responsible for 50% of emissions" of greenhouse gases and "the poorest 50% is responsible for only 7% of these emissions. " "It's a bit strange to call this the United States and China at the same level," he said, referring to the two largest emitters of greenhouse gases on the planet, under pressure in Copenhagen to make decisions that allow ambitious successful negotiation . But "America has only 300 million inhabitants and China, five times the population. The United States consumes more than 20 million barrels of oil and China comes barely five or six million. You can not ask the same to one another, "he said.

Going back to some of the slogans used in recent days in the massive demonstrations that have shaken Copenhagen, Chavez asked:" Do not change the weather, change the system and thus begin save the planet "." If the weather outside a bank, capitalist, the larger ones, they would have saved the rich countries, "he added. On the lack of progress in negotiating a new global agreement to combat global climate, the Venezuelan president said: "There are some countries that are playing here did not document, because the absence of the rule allows them to use their freedom operator". "Pressures to leave here a document that commits countries powerful nations on Earth, "launched, sparking an ovation. Definitely, President Chavez noted that none of the countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA) will sign a text that "out of nothing" and that does not correspond with the texts agreed in negotiations. "If the weather were a bank," said Chavez, industrialized governments "and they would be saving," he quipped Venezuelan President

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