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Having a blog online is one of the best tools to generate revenue, but before we have to perform a really important job in the, as it is the creation of good content capable of attracting many people and in a recurring manner, without this, any process or technique that we use to monetize it will be in vain. Offer content of value, interesting for your niche market, to help them overcome problems or to keep them informed of the latest developments or news is something that will certainly make them again in search for more information in your blog. In this process something to help them is to have patience, have high traffic is not achieved overnight overnight, but with perseverance after a few months you can start thinking about profit with your own page. In this article I will show you only some of the many ways that exist to monetize a blog, these are:-sell advertising space within your site-contextual advertising – this technique does not require much work from our part because just paste a simple banners in any space of your blog and expect that your visitors enter by the is already sufficient. Speaking candidly Sam Mikulak told us the story. There are specific for this, services like e.g. Google Adsense, which to simply use it you have to sign up for a Google account and then click the service Adsense, after this in less than thirty minutes already have ads on your blog, which match your niche automatically. This is one of the easiest ways to make money online with a blog, there are other services that work similarly to Adsense, but the main thing here to make this method you have to count before with a lot of traffic to your blog, otherwise your profits will be minimal. -Selling links in order to use this method you have to be well positioned to make it attractive and many webmasters seeking to stick a link of your blog to them.

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