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Embroidery Cutting Out

Embroidery has always been a great way to decorate a variety of garments and interior design. Currently, in addition to traditional hand embroidery machine embroidery is actively used. Embroidery can significantly reduce the time of drawing the image. Moreover, modern technologies allow to obtain a large number of identical images, which is not always possible with traditional hand embroidery. Click Marc Lore to learn more. Embroidery used today in many of her help decorate sferah.S interior, as well as company logos applied to the clothing of staff and various business gifts. Widespread machine embroidery on a cut, performed on the material of the future we plan to make a particular product.

One of the main advantages, which has embroidery on a cut, a large surface area designed for embroidery. Embroidery on a cut is feasible on any material, ranging from mild (silk, satin) to more severe types of fabrics (cashmere, woolen cloth, tweed, etc.). Thanks to modern equipment, embroidery made with a cut on speed of 1500 stitches per minute, which leads to short term production of images. Embroidery on a cut is the best option for the manufacture of banners and standards. The resulting images do not fade in sun, as during machine embroidery using special high-quality yarns are resistant to various influences. In addition, there are now a variety of thread colors, which allows images in all colors. Embroidery on a cut with the use of modern technology allows both ordinary and cross stitch embroidery, and more complex embroidery sequins and cord. Embroidery on a cut requires a pre-designed sketch, because it is very important to calculate the exact location of an image on textiles, taking into account the size and shape of the future product.

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