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Function of Sociology

Its to see, the function of sociology not it went beyond organizing the set of essential norms that they had to regulate the life of the men in the most diverse social ways (CNDIDO, 2006). Soon, it did not fit to sociology to investigate the social reality, but to spiritual apply the necessary moral punishments by means of education, educating the society or part of this. Finally, it explains that the social laws were divergent of the natural ones, seen not to be, as these, prevailed for the beginning of the determinismo. Without this mechanical principle, the social laws were, in the truth, indefinite. Tobias Barreto wanted to say that, in reason of the social facts to belong ' ' to a sphere? mechanically inexplicable? ' ' (CNDIDO, 2006, 273), it was impracticable to grant to sociology the scientific status (PAIM, 2005). In its words: ' ' …

While not to prove to be the will human being a motor force, as the heat or the electricity, sociology nothing vale' ' (In RODRIGUEZ, 2010). The reply, to the height, given for Slvio Romero if it finds in its ' ' Assays of Philosophy of the Direito' ' , workmanship published in 1895. If the social facts if did not fit in the traditional scientific method, had to belong, then, to another order of organic reality, against-it argued. In the truth, under influence of Spencer, its conception of social science more was not limited to positivistas theoretical landmarks, to a large extent, abandoning in the start of its intellectual trajectory. Slvio Romero becomes adept of the social evolucionismo of Spencer, occasion where it starts to reflect on the cultural and institucional evolution of Brazil. Looking for to find the elements simpler than they would serve of base for the development of a more complex social organism, Slvio Romero sees in the religion, economy, aesthetic, science and politics the five found basic cultural facts in any society under sociological inquiry.

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