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Gaston Herrera

The specialist, who was positively surprised at the innovative initiative, held a meeting with the professional team that conceived the project (the architects Eduardo Mauret, Florence Labarca and Gaston Herrera, and Oscar Ainol), in drawing technical and modeling after which rated it as a great contribution to improving the quality of life of the region’s more modest familiesalong with tending to a sustainable development and environmental educational contribution to the Aysen Region, and which I hope will be extended this idea promptly to the region and at the same time to other areas of Chile, with due consideration of the climate and the particular way of life showing each one of them. Professionals, who developed the initiative ad honorem, expressed that the idea is to implement at the regional level the bioclimatic strategies and energy efficiency designed and constructed the House, contemplating to do so the monitoring and study of this experience, replicable in much of the rural areas of Patagonia. This project has combined the rural subsidy from the Ministry of housing and urban development more contributions from the Ministry of energy, Naser engineering and a professional team led by Mauret, bioclimatic housing specialist. The technical counterpart has been in charge of the Serviu regional and the execution of the contractor Mauricio Gonzalez. Develops in a total area of 60 m2, in which complies with the normative agenda of the MINVU and the surface is exceeded by nearly 30% minimum than the current housing policy demands, whereas the regional climate is classified as the most extreme of the country and which forces families to stay much more time inside their homes.

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